Samsung Expert Raw can enhance the quality of your photos and videos on your Galaxy S23

Nowadays, everyone is fond of photography, so to fulfill this desire, Samsung has made many changes to its flagship series of devices. With every new S series device, Samsung has done a great job in the camera department and has given photography a new dimension. Now moving ahead, the company has introduced its latest Galaxy device, which will take the photography experience to the next level.

Samsung has introduced three models in the Galaxy S23 Series – Galaxy S23 base, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, the base and version devices don’t have much difference compared to its predecessor in terms of Camera specs. Still, the Galaxy S23’s Ultra variant has some revolutionary changes in the Camera department; whether we talk about Lenses, sensors, or processors, all of these things make this device worthy of bumping up against a DSLR camera.

For information, the Galaxy S23 Ultra device has a quad camera setup, one 10MP periscope telephoto with 10X optical zoom, 10 MP telephoto with 3X equality optical, a 12MP ultrawide camera, and the most anticipated camera lens which provides 200 MP quality photos, enhance the quality the Korean giant has installed a dedicated ISOCELL HP2 sensor technology.

However, the hardware specs are only half of the story; the other half work depends on the software and processing unit of the device. To fulfill this gap, the Korean giant has introduced the higher clock speed version of the Snapdragon 8 gen 2 processor for faster processing of photos and videos. Apart from these, the main camera app also supports an Expert raw app which enhances the overall quality and gives you real live photos with post-processing.

How Expert raw helps you to take better photos

Samsung designs the expert raw app for its flagship devices to enhance the experience of photography on the devices; the app offers a wider range of options that let you capture a lot more, from dark areas to bright areas, in one photo. There are several features available that give you a professional camera experience so you can able to capture good photos. It offers several features like ISO, shutter speed, EV, manual focus, white balance, etc. If you are wondering that these features are already available in the main camera app, then you are right, but the main difference is that the experience you get after using these options in Expert Raw is different; it makes it very easy to handle your camera as you can easily switch one lens to another very quickly, these all things make the app most worthy of using, so whenever you want to click good photos you should use this Expert RAW.

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