Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP HP2 sensor outshines Samsung’s own previous 200MP HP1 sensor

The upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra will be the first Samsung device to feature a 200MP image sensor- Samsung’s ISOCELL HP2. However, there do exist devices that have a 200MP image sensor in them, for example- Xiaomi 12T Pro and Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. Both of these devices feature Samsung’s ISOCELL HP1 image sensor. So, let’s find out how Galaxy S23 Ultra’s HP2 sensor is different from the HP1.

Informatively, the ISOCELL HP1 sensor of Samsung was introduced back in September 2022, and the ISOCELL HP2 was introduced recently. Both of them are 200MP image sensors, have better pixel binning technology, and are developed by Samsung itself. Despite having similarities, the S23 Ultra’s HP2 sensor is still better in quality and ability than the previous HP1 sensor; the reasons are provided below.

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Let us tell you that both of them are capable of better low-lit photography, but the HP2 will surely win the battle if the two compete. Because the HP1 sensor has the ability to transform into a 12.5MP image sensor with 2.56μm pixels by merging 16 adjacent pixels, but the HP2 sensor has two options to transform- a 12.5MP sensor with 2.56μm pixels and a 50MP image sensor with 1.2μm pixels.

Notably, the newly formed pixels are capable of more light absorption and sensitivity, which helps to take clearer and brighter photos even in low-lit and indoor environments. As HP2 indulges more developed technology, it will perform better in that field. Other than this, the HP2 also got Samsung’s new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology, which will reduce the washed-out images captured in the brighter area.

As per the above-mentioned information, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s ISOCELL HP2 image sensor can withstand the low-lit and brighter environments and still can provide better results; it will undoubtedly surpass the previous 200MP HP1 sensor. For those who are unaware, the HP2 sensor is also capable of capturing 8K 30fps and 4K 60fps videos.

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