Samsung unveiled ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor, the S23 Ultra may have the same in it

Not only in smartphones, but the South Korean firm Samsung has a stronghold in other equipment manufacturing as well, such as processors, displays, and cameras. Recently, the company introduced its new 200MP high-quality image sensor, which will provide an ultimate high-resolution camera experience in flagship phones. Informatively, this sensor has been named ISOCELL HP2. Let’s take a look at its specifications. 

ISOCELL HP2: Specifications

Let us tell you that the company has used its advanced pixel binning technology, Tetra pixel, in this sensor’s development. This technology stimulates different pixel sizes to adapt to different light levels, which will help it to take better pictures in every possible light level. For example, in a low-lit environment, it changes into a 1.2μm 50MP or 2.4μm 12.5MP image sensor by combining a total of 4 to 16 adjacent pixels. 

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Notably, to relish higher resolutions, despite denying a larger camera bump in their device, this sensor packs a total of 200 million pixels of 0.6-micrometer (μm) in 1/1.3” optical format. Besides, it also has got Samsung’s new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology, which may help to reduce the washed-out pictures taken in a bright environment via HP2. 

In low-lit settings, HP autofocus abilities took this sensor to even next level with the super QPD, which let it use all the pixels as the focusing agents. They also introduced the DSG feature to the 50MP mode for the very first time, which will lead the sensor to a better HDR performance. Conclusively, this sensor has got many new technologies used in it. Its final image result will surely impress the user. [Via Samsung Global Newsroom]

In that manner, the Executive Vice President of the Sensor Business Team at Samsung Electronics, JoonSeo Yim, has also stated, “Our leadership comes from innovative pixel technologies that allow our sensors to go beyond the number and size of pixels. We will continue to open new horizons and solidify our presence in the expanding ultra-high-resolution sensor market,” which surely justifies the new ISOCELL HP2 sensor. 

Galaxy S23 Ultra may have the Same in it

Let us tell you it has been assumed that the primary sensor used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra device is the same ISOCELL HP2, which Samsung has introduced recently. Because it has been confirmed by the testing servers that the S23 Ultra has a 200MP camera of Samsung, and the respective ISOCELL HP2 sensor is also a 200MP sensor, there is a possibility that it is the same that Samsung has used in its upcoming S23 Ultra device. The well-known tipster Ice Universe has also assumed the same in its tweet. 

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