Galaxy S23 Ultra can run the Genshin Impact smoothly in 120 fps

Samsung has long been known for its cutting-edge technology, and each year it only continues to innovate. For 2023, after several rumors, the company unveiled its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S23 series in the market, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with features, unlike anything we’ve seen in mobile devices before.

Although Android smartphones have screens that refresh at 120Hz, many of them cannot run games at a frame rate higher than 60Hz. However, the new S23 can finally show off the power of this technology in titles like Genshin Impact.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Genshin Impact with 120 fps

It is rumored that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will support Genshin Impact 120 fps for the first time on any Android device. If this rumor proves true, it could revolutionize the gaming experience on mobile phones. This means that players will be able to enjoy the game at a smooth 120 frames per second on Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. The rumors come from reliable sources within the mobile gaming industry, so they are likely to be true.

A promotional picture for the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series claims that the Galaxy S23 Ultra, in particular, will be able to run the Genshin Impact at 120Hz, according to a tweet from Tech Reve. As a result, it is the first mobile device to play this game at a faster frame rate. We are unsure, though, whether this would only apply to the extreme model or whether the other two in the lineup will also be able to run the game at a faster refresh rate.

The Genshin Impact game is very popular, and many people want to know how the Galaxy S23 Ultra will support it. The answer is that it will support it at 120 frames per second. This is the first time that any Android device will support this game at this high of a frame rate. Many people are extremely excited about this because it means that they can play the game much more smoother on their devices.

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