The Journey of Samsung S-Pen from Galaxy Note series to Galaxy S series

Whenever we talk about the S-Pen, we don’t forget the S-Pen is the only thing that makes Samsung a unique device manufacturer tag, especially since the Note series is only remembered for this stylus, from the original Note to the Galaxy Note 20 series, it has a separate fan base. But Samsung has stopped the note series and made the S Pen debut in the Galaxy S22, The Ultra model comes with a dedicated S Pen slot now, and the company has decided to continue this with upcoming S series devices, and the same happens in Galaxy S23 Ultra as well.

S-Pen is also evolved with new generation styles of Samsung Galaxy devices

The S Pen is also upgraded with the new generation of devices, but we have seen major changes with the Note 8, which comes with significant changes and comes with more new features. Let’s discuss the evolution of the S Pen with devices wise.

Note: In this article, we have covered only those Galaxy devices that come with S-Pen and have not included the Note 10 Lite.

Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 was the most popular Note series of all time because of its hardware specifications; it came with an infinity display and all-glass design and combined it with Note’s most unique feature set. Despite the major device shift, Samsung is very careful to take the approach and keep the S Pen simple, somewhat the same as the predecessor device. However, the main changes were seen in the software developments. Like it is now capable of translating full sentences instead of individual words, the Pen-Up coloring app was also included as standard in the de facto drawing app. The notes can now draw on the lock screen, which was first introduced in Note 5, but now these notes can be pinned on the lock screen, which is very helpful for reminders.

Galaxy Note 9

In the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is focusing on the battery efficiency of the device; at that time, a new BLE technology has been introduced, which is very battery efficient as well as comes with some new features; now users can use their S Pen as a remote and can control several functions of the device, these function includes opening camera, switching between regular shots or selfies, control music playback, flip through presentation slides.

The main function which has catches every user’s attention is Bluetooth skills, which makes it more interactive and easy to use. Due to exploring more capabilities with Bluetooth, Samsung has opened the SDK of the S Pen, which encourages the app developers to integrate and bring more capabilities for the S pen so it can comfortably work with a third-party application.

Galaxy Note 10 Series

Samsung has expanded all the previous features of the S pen and back with the Galaxy Note 10. With this S pen, Samsung has added more functions which are an interesting mix of gimmicks and noteworthy additions.

There are several new fears we got to see, like Air Doodle, which is quite an interesting feature that allows users to draw anything without touching the actual screen of the device; the Second one is Air Action. However, it wasn’t much popular; the basic work it does is to allow you to point the S Pen at the phone to act as a shutter button. Samsung has added some new gestures. The Galaxy Note 10 came with an inbuilt new video editing app which is more comfortable to use by the S Pen.

Galaxy Note 20 Series

With the Galaxy Note 20’s S pen Samsung has improved the functioning of the S Pen; the company has reduced the latency of the pen and take down to 9ms which is a pretty appreciable improvement because by doing this company has reduced the responsive time of the screen which makes the physical pen as the normal pen it feels like you lottery drawing on paper, apart from this the S Pen has also received some new functioning abilities, like with the help of the pen you can take a screenshot, it can help you to go back to home, screen writes and much more.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung has officially killed its note series devices and shifted all its features to the Galaxy S Ultra models starting with Galaxy S22 Ultra; now, the S Pen comes with it in a dedicated slot. However, this transformation doesn’t bring any major changes for the pen, but the company has reduced its latency to 2.8ms which certainly helps the stylus feels even more like a pen.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

With the S-pen, you can unlock your Galaxy S23 Ultra by tapping and holding the S-pen button. And you can perfectly draw shapes like triangles, circles, etc., in the Samsung Note. In the Gallery, you can preview by hover Air view option.

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