Samsung launches Exynos Connect U100: The first UWB chip for phones and cars

There is no doubt about what Samsung is capable of; the company is successfully handling the hardware and software departments, if we talk about the hardware segments, Samsung has a large dominance on Android devices, and it is not only limited to Smartphones but also involves in manufacturing of gadgets. On the other hand, the company is also involved in chip manufacturing, and it has the Exynos processor, which is exclusively come in Galaxy devices.

But due to some overheating issues and battery drainage issues that are seen in several flagship devices, so Samsung ditched its own processor and joined hands with Qualcomm and introduced the latest processor for the Galaxy S23 series.

Samsung is now all set to launch the latest processor in its Exynos lineup; the company has announced its first UWB (Ultra-wideband) chipset as Exynos connect U100. It will provide accuracy up to the single-digit centimeter. It is optimized for use in mobile, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and offers precise distance and location information.

“Our Exynos Connect U100 combines sophisticated ranging and positioning capabilities with strong security to enable hyper-connectivity between people and everyday objects, fueling a range of new applications in positioning and location tracking,” said Joonsuk Kim, Executive Vice President of the Connectivity Development Team at Samsung Electronics. 

Moreover, the latest Exynos chip will provide more efficiency for battery usage; the U100 can maximize the battery life of mobile and automotive solutions and smart IoT devices like smart tracking tags, which have small batteries inside. Additionally, the U100 is also certified by the FiRa consortium, which condors the UNB products for conformity to interoperability standards.

Apart from these, it is also certified by Carconsortium (CCC) Digital Key Release 3.0, which indicates that the device which has this chipset inside will be capable of storing digital keys for vehicles.

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