Samsung & Netflix Collab: Galaxy S22 Ultra’s photography and promote Stranger Things-4th season

Recently Samsung and Netflix have collaborated to showcase the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s photography and promote Stranger Things-4th season.

The featured ad is a 60 seconds video, and it showcases three kids riding on bikes to their friend’s house. In this ad, kids are on their way to a friend’s house to watch the stranger things in the fourth season and enjoy a party.

While on their way, the girl’s Galaxy S22 Ultra camera turns on accidentally and starts recording. The Galaxy S22 Ultra camera captures the monsters in the night. The ad features ‘The Upside Down,’ an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world.

The scene shows monsters captured in the night, presenting the power of Galaxy S22 Ultra’s night photography.

The idea behind the ad is to show the capabilities of Nightography and the low-light photo-video capturing capabilities of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera.

The whole video is shot in vertical footage. Samsung promotes this ad as the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s ‘Nightography’ feature, which captures what would go otherwise unseen.

In video mode, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can record 8K footage at 24 frames per second or 4K resolution files at up to 60 fps.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s primary module uses a 108MP sensor with a 2.4μm pixel size. 12MP ultra-wide camera and two telephoto cameras. Medium-range telephoto covered by a 3x lens with 10MP resolution. A 10x periscope-style module provides extreme telephoto magnifications. The primary camera features an ultra-low reflection nano-coating for reducing the lens flare.

This 1-minute short video is available to view now on Samsung’s social channels with the season premiering Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2’s on July 1, for the final two episodes.

Netflix and Samsung have partnered third time this year, including entries such as Emily in Paris, fans the chance to become the lead character in their animated poster using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

And in February, the duo also created a Bridgerton short film for the unveiling of the Galaxy S22 series at Unpacked in February.

This advertisement is a joint venture to promote both Samsung and Netflix dubbed as to :
‘Make STRANGER Nights Epic with Nightography on Galaxy S22 Ultra‘.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra remains the flag bearer for Samsung.

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