Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta Availability, Models & How To Install

Thanks to One UI 5.0, Android 13 is about to arrive on Samsung smartphones. The modification from the Korean giant is already accessible in beta but not yet in everywhere. Nevertheless, here are several helpful details regarding the open beta of the One UI 5.0.

Samsung has begun rolling out the One UI 5.0 beta for its smartphones, allowing owners of one of the South Korean company’s newest flagships to rejoice.

Where is the One UI 5.0 Beta

Before they can test the One UI 5.0, American users no more wait: In reality, according to Samsung, the beta version of the software will be made accessible in China, Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As of this writing, the beta is unquestionably already available in above regions and will soon be available in the other nations mentioned above.

Which device will get the One UI 5.0 Beta

Samsung has not made official the list of devices on which you can try the One UI 5.0 beta: the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 series devices will certainly be supported, but in probability so will foldables smartphones and some other mid-range smartphones. In the coming days we will definitely know more.

Despite the growing number, over the years, of devices to which the beta program has been opened, this still remains reserved only for top range, even previous generations: excluding smartphones that, due to seniority, will not receive Android 13 (with reference to the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10), the beta program of the One UI 5.0 should be open to the third generation of the foldables, as well as the long-awaited Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4.

Since the Galaxy Note 10 Lite were made out of support for Android 13, there is doubt that the latest surviving generation of the Galaxy Note (i.e. Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra) will open the doors of the One UI 5.0 beta program.; it is practically impossible, however, that devices of the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series can become part of the beta program: to

How to install the One UI 5.0 beta

In case you’re in one of the countries above, here’s how to proceed to install the One UI 5.0 beta.

  1. First, you need to become a Beta Testerto do this, just download the Samsung Members app from the Play Store or Galaxy Store, log in and choose the “Registration for One UI Beta Program” item.
  2. At this point, go to Settings > Software Updates > Download and Install and proceed with software installation.

Please note: While not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you make a full backup of your device using the Smart Switch PC app. Since it is beta software, the possibility of encountering problems is very high and therefore it is better to have a backup in case it is necessary to return to an earlier version of the software.

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