Samsung’s Foldable Devices Still Remains The Standard Of Gold In The Market

Let’s get back to discussing the folding market, a component of the smartphone industry that has recently attracted attention thanks to Samsung, which appears to believe in this market.

Recent hours have seen the release of an intriguing analysis on folding cellphones by IDC, a well-known corporation that deals with statistics and market reports in the tech sector.

According to IDC’s data, folding stands are currently a minor portion of the market, which is neither surprising nor news. Now, foldable smartphones only make up 1.1% of all smartphones sold worldwide. Approximately 13.5 million smartphones will be shipped in 2022, compared to 1,351 million total shipments.

Will things change in the future? Don’t count us. IDC’s numbers and projections in 2026 show that the folding segment will cover only 2.8% of the global market. Shipments are estimated to reach about 41 million, while smartphone shipments will be around 1,417 million.

Samsung’s Foldables Are Standerd Of Gold

Samsung has taken the lead in the healthy expansion of the foldable market with its Flip and Fold series. We anticipate that the recently revised models will perform better than their forerunners and attract more customer interest in the category. The commercial industry is still ripe for using foldable as dual-purpose devices that can take the place of both a tablet and a phone. IDC still thinks that this use case is a low priority, but as time goes on, the idea becomes more enticing due to lower costs and new business applications. Foldables will expand by 55.1% in the coming year, and double-digit growth is expected to continue for the entire projection period.

According to the research manager of IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker Anthony Scarsella said –

“The recent launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 will once again shine a spotlight on the entire category as Samsung continues to be the gold standard for foldable devices in the market,”

“The new launches from Samsung have brought incremental but critical improvements over their predecessors. The success of these devices should be a strong indicator of how foldables will evolve and capture consumers moving forward. While the price remains a pain point for consumers, the $999 starting price may be accepted by consumers given that most consumer goods have seen price increases due to inflation in 2022.” 

Anthony Scarsella

For more details on the numbers just submitted by IDC, we suggest that you refer to the full report you find at this address.

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