Samsung’s Official Statement On The Swelling Batteries

A week ago, the well-known YouTuber Arun Maini, aka Mrwhosetheboss, about problems with the batteries of some Samsung Galaxy smartphones are causing a stir. He has issued a video outlining a problem he’s noticed with a number of his older Samsung phones.

Inside the footage, it is pointed out that the Galaxy smartphones that he has stored over the years in a proper room temperature and position (not even too old) have swollen batteries and a deformed and detached body in the back.

Meanwhile, Samsung officially responded to the controversy over the recent discovery of swelling batteries on smartphones.

Samsung is aware of the issue and is currently working on a well-founded technical assessment. Customers who have questions about their Samsung devices should contact their local Samsung customer service.

Lithium-ion batteries that are stored unused for long periods of time are known to swell. In regular use, however, this is very unlikely. If the battery does swell in individual cases, the degree of swelling is influenced by various factors such as the design of the device, the capacity of the battery, the charging status, temperature or humidity.

When storing smartphones when not in use, we recommend following the recommendations for handling lithium-ion batteries: “

Of course, this does not mean that the problem has been resolved and it could continue to affect you. Because especially with Samsung smartphones, the batteries swell much more frequently than with other manufacturers.

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