Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup will not consist of under display camera

Freshly an update has come from S.Korea that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 will not have UDC under-screen front camera.

A blogger on the internet named ‘lanzuk’ on the Korean website has revealed this information. The user also released many pieces of information about other devices earlier.

He stated-
“It is a source for domestic-related parts companies.
It has been confirmed that UDC is not installed on the Galaxy S23 series as well “
(Relevant parts and content specifications have already been almost confirmed)
“However, it is said that the time for mounting after S24 may be a little earlier.”

The user mentioned that he has sources in his supply chain who have confirmed the lack of faith in the UDC by Samsung for the upcoming series.

His sources claimed that the companies such as ZTE and Xiaomi also tried implementing this but have not succeeded; the lack of a solution lead these companies and Samsung to opt out of this technology. Also to mention that this tech is not at the phase where it can achieve desired results.

Under-Display Camera (UDC) is a new imaging system that mounts a display screen on top of a traditional digital camera lens. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was Samsung’s first smartphone to adopt under-display camera (UDC) technology.

Users experienced problems with UDC, telling as the appeal is to not have part of your screen missing at the trade-off of a worse camera experience or a top bezel would do just fine & previous solutions from lower-tier phones and OEMs were better.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses under-display camera technology that applies a minimum amount of pixels on top of the camera resulting in the quality of the image captured through UDC, which has a disappearing camera that provides for the enlargement of the viewing area is not good.
This results in pictures like laptop or webcam cameras which were decent but not good; this heavily relies on the AI & software enhancements for smoothening the images rather than capturing the real features as close as possible.

This resulted in the quality of selfie shots being lower than a regular camera.

This upsets many users who are paying top bucks for the flagship phones for a subpar camera.
Thus Samsung may opt-out of UDC from Galaxy S23, and the sources seem to cite a piece of reasonable information.