Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Update: June 2022 For Unlocked Models

Today, Samsung has released another June update for the Galaxy S22 series in the USA. This update is for the unlocked versions on the At&T and T-Mobile’s network and has a download size of 1628.77 MB.

This monthly revision brings June 2022 security level patch with Google’s and Samsung’s security and privacy issues fixes.

 The series has three models, namely & the following are their updated build no.-

  • SM-S901U S22 S901U1UEU2AVE4
  • SM-S906U S22 + S906U1UEU2AVE4
  • SM-S908U S22 Ultra S908U1UEU2AVE4

Last we saw, the update for the series in June was on the Xfinity Network, a subsidiary of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. Now it’s released for unlocked variants and expected to reach other regions soon.

This time it’s just a security update that improves the overall stability of the devices. According to the changelogs & user-posted screenshots on the Samsung community in the US, the update is for security and privacy issues fix but is not limited to it, it can also include general bug fixes and device stability improvements, with more enhanced features and further improvements to performances.

According to Samsung’s and Google’s report, its June 2022 security patch fixes dozens of vulnerabilities related to user privacy and data security, such as SIM card data access, remote code execution, improper access controls, MAC address information, camera access, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Samsung account, etc. and improvements in native or stock apps, i.e. overall about 66 fixes.

This is the latest flagship from Samsung and will enjoy the latest OS & UI upgrade in upcoming years according to Samsung’s 4-year software support policy.

Samsung advises keeping your device up to date and regularly checking for software updates. Users can check for the latest software update by navigating to Settings » Software update and tapping on Download and install or turning auto-updates or notifications on in the settings of your device.

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