One UI 4.5 Beta Firmware For Galaxy Watch4: 3rd Revision July 2022

Recently a software update for Galaxy Watch4 Classic and Galaxy Watch4 has been released in S.Korea and Global and comes with a download size of 335.58 MB and 252MB. This update comes with a firmware build no. R890XXU1ZVF5 and R860XXU1ZVFA .This is a 3rd revision for the OneUI 4.5 Beta. This revision has serial no. Beta 2.2.11. 22062011 and 2.2.11. 22063011.

Last we saw, the update was as early as the first week of June for One UI 4.5 Beta. However, this one is only available on the Wear OS platform for Samsung devices. Samsung has consistently updated the Galaxy Watch4 series after switching to Google Wear OS.

This is a major revision for the smart wearables from Samsung. The Changelog mentions several changes and is a hefty one. We will translate that for you in the simple terms possible.

Here are the changes the Changelog brings: Mostly includes bugs and glitches fixed.

Global Changelog:

Bugs that have been fixed

  • Improving Watchface GUI
  • Fixed restore problem after Tile backup
  • Fixed SysUl crash problem when pushing
    Home button during scrolling
  • Fixed Music Bixby malfunction problem
  • Improving wearing detection accuracy
  • Improving usability of Alarm, Stopwatch,
    Timer, and World Clock
  • Stabilizing touch performance
  • Improving power consumption caused by
    Buds auto switch communication
  • Improving performance of automatic
  • Improving recognition rate of Wrist up
    when bicycle exercise
  • Fixed BT connection problem when running
    gallery app
  • Other improvements are applied

S.Korea Changelog:

  • Enhanced GPS stability.
  • Performance Improvement -My Photo +, My Style background photo, and AR Emoji have been tweaked to work faster, speed of apps has been improved when data is restored upon execution of these apps.
  • Screen Display during Call fixed -When receiving a call while playing music the screen is not displayed during Watch and Buzz connection.
  • Stabilization of health function and improvement of running and swimming performance.
  • Fixed an issue where the health app entry was slow or the app was closed.
  • Stabilization of current consumption for sudden discharge and standby current under specific conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could not be restored.
  • Fixed an issue where the reception screen was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where reminder notifications remained even after Snooze.
  • Improved app launch speed performance.

Besides this, according to the Changelog, the version dubbed ‘Watch4 Manager for Beta 2.2.11. 22062011 and 2.2.11. 22063011’, improves the overall stability of the device with this 3rd revision. However, it is not limited to it and can also include general bug fixes, device security & privacy improvements and could improve overall system stability & performance for the device.

This update has started as an OTA in S.Korea & Global and is available for download through the beta program. Samsung advises updating to the latest version through the plugin download link in the signup notice that comes up with the notification.

Users can opt-in for this program by going to the Samsung Members app and registering for the Beta program; also, the customers will need a Galaxy phone, Galaxy Watch, and Samsung account. Once the customer is selected by Samsung, then you can opt-in for this program.
However few points to keep in mind before enrolling with this program is you can not opt-out once you have downloaded this program, it won’t revert, and beta programs may contain bugs, glitches, and abnormalities, and it is a testing phase.

For changelog and user-reported screenshots refer to the links below.

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