Samsung Members To Get A New Service: CamCylopedia

Recently a piece of news was received that, On 01/07, Samsung held a meeting/conference at Samsung Suwon Digital City dubbed a workshop, where a Samsung user Sombra, who participated, told in the blog about the upcoming service called ‘CamCyclopedia,’ which is expected to be available on the Samsung Members app soon.

Samsung was facing troubles with the Camera feedback from different social platforms. Samsung needed a platform where its camera services could improve even better by having a dedicated service. This is where the CamCyclopedia comes into play; it would further develop the Samsung Ecosystem by providing feedback from users, entirely reserved for camera quality improvement. 

The user mentioned the following were the highlights of the meeting :

  • Conversations with camera developers and the utility of the Expert Raw app.
  • There were a total of 3 workshop sessions dedicated to different services, including q&a.
  • The laboratory in the basement was a space that simulated a lifelike environment with diverse subjects, colors, and lighting of 10,000 LuX for testing the Expert Raw app. 
  • Especially the third session introduced the AI ​​work method, in the test environment of the Galaxy Camera, via the camera manager.
  • The Participant was able to learn top secrets.
  • The Participant highlighted that the best session among the sessions was the Expert Raw session. There were a lot of questions about Expert Raw and real-time during the conversation with the camera staff.
  • The Participant was able to witness the progress worth one year of the Galaxy camera development along with the development of unreleased devices, hinting at the next ‘Galaxy S Series ‘and the upcoming ‘foldable series.’
  • The Participant revealed that experts like NFT artist Sang-Woo Koh and famous YouTuber Mathew Choi were also present in the workshop.

Expert RAW was launched for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ & Galaxy S22 Ultra devices earlier this Feb. It allows users to vividly capture photos in low light conditions. Its main USP was the manual operations such as ISO, shutter speed, EV, manual focus, white balance, etc., which enabled users natural & unaffected control of the camera. The app has both JPEG and RAW formats; RAW format could be edited by apps or software that support DNG.

Concluding Remarks :

We can conclude that Samsung is looking for error corrections and quality improvements to the camera.

This workshop, which seems to be the origin project for the future CamCyclopedia service, will provide a native & exclusive evolution of the camera by evaluating the feedback exclusive to Samsung.

This innovation from Samsung is unparalleled service, which we haven’t seen from other organizations, that will provide a stage where the users will be able to work along with the developers directly. 

With the Galaxy S series & upcoming Galaxy S23 series in their arsenal, Samsung is trying to target the audience which demands lifelike real pictures & videos through the smartphone camera.

It amazes us how far the cameras have come & how far the technology will take them.

You can visit the below links for the whole experience of the Participant or even the trivia, including the details about the environment at Samsung Suwon Digital City.

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