Android 12 and One UI 4.1 Firmware Releases On Galaxy A03s

Samsung has released Android 12 with OneUI Core 4.1 update for Galaxy A03s; it can be identified with build no. A037FXXU1BVFB and was released for Serbian customers currently.

This is a major update and brings the following major changes :

  • An improved user interface design with the Color Palette feature with changes in the color of some UI elements according to the wallpaper.
  • The phone has received improved widget styling, a new widget selection UI, and more lock screen widgets.
  • Larger sliders for better brightness and volume and a dark mode. 
  • You can change the audio output target directly from the lock screen. 
  • The updated Samsung keyboard offers more stickers, GIFs, animated emoji pairs, and grammar-based language suggestions.
  • Samsung has added improved accessibility features. They are now even more accessible via a floating button. More brightness, color, contrast, and magnification options have been added.
  • The camera app has been cleaned up, and the video starts recording as soon as you press the shutter button. 
  • The Pro model of the Camera app has received a level meter. 
  • The Calendar app has received a new widget. You can quickly add calendar entries, search more efficiently, share information with others, and recover deleted events.  
  • The Gallery app has enhanced stories and a way to see where each image was taken on a map. Users can organize and organize albums more easily, fix faded or old photos, and remove sensitive information from photos (location, time, date). Users can even select multiple photos and edit their information simultaneously. 
  • You can revert the changes because the original image is still available after editing. You can adjust the lighting of your photo and add emojis and stickers. 
  • The share menu received a simpler design. You can change its layout and put the most used sharing options front and center.  
  • Samsung Internet has received a new widget to search for information directly from the home screen. It offers better search suggestions and a way to start the web browser in stealth mode.
  • The Device Care section has been redesigned and provides an easier diagnosis of phone problems. 
  • Pop-up options can now be pinned for easier access. 
  • In the Settings app, Samsung has also improved picture-in-picture, edge paneling, charging info display, and search quality. 
  • The phone also provides a report on all the times you have used your phone while driving so you can better understand the risk. 
  • You can quickly initiate a call while texting and easily find information.

Privacy & security :

To improve privacy and security, Samsung has implemented a Privacy Dashboard, privacy indicators for active camera and microphone usage, and a quick setting toggle for enabling/disabling permissions. 

System-wide access to cameras and microphones. 

You can also give the app an exact or approximate location and get notified when it tries to copy data from your clipboard. 

Apart from these changes, the update also brings a regular monthly security patch. This device is one of the latest entries and will see more UI & OS updates in the future as per Samsung’s 4-year software support policy.

About OneUI Core :

One UI is a custom Android skin installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It comes in two variants – One UI Standard and One UI Core. For starters, One UI Core is not a beta version of One UI. This is a simple and stable version of the main One UI for cheap and mid-range Samsung Galaxy phones. This means it has fewer features than One UI, which mostly works on other Galaxy phones.

Samsung advises keeping your device up to date and regularly checking for software updates. Users can check for the latest software update by navigating to Settings » Software update and tapping on Download and install or turning auto-updates or notifications on in the settings of your device.

You can turn on notifications for updates in the Settings or directly go to Settings>Software Update for OneUI update. Overall it will give a more secure, easier, and fun experience.

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