Samsung Gallery App Get A New Feature: Shared Albums

Today, on the 5th June in the US, Samsung Team, also a Community Manager & Administrator on the website, has introduced a new feature for the beloved Samsung Gallery App.

This feature will be known as the Shared Albums, and until now, a Samsung account was required to use this segment/feature. It wouldn’t be from now on.

Admin accepted that the new One UI version 4.1 enables the user to view an album via a shared albums link, even without a Samsung account.

How To Use Shared albums: Just In Two Steps

  1. Select ‘Shared albums’ from the More menu at the bottom right corner of the Gallery to see a list of shared albums. If users don’t have any shared albums, they can create a new shared album by tapping the “+” button in the upper right corner.
  1. Select the shared album you created and tap in the top right to display the option. The Album link option is off by default. When users turn on the option, the address of the link of the shared album and the ‘Share link to album’ button appear. Tap the ‘Share link to album’ button to share the album with anyone.

Things To Keep In Mind :

  • The ‘Album link’ option can only be turned on or off by the user who created the shared album.
  • A link can be used for 30 days after it has been created. 
  • Users must turn on the ‘Album link to share the album again.’
  • option again and create a new link.

 If the user who created the shared album turns off the ‘Album link’ option, the link will expire immediately.

This feature will help users and provide ease of access. By this, we can say that the development of One UI is to enhance aesthetic features and improve the functionalities; it will be exciting to see what new features are in development for future versions.

Readers can view the official page via the given link for more information.