Samsung Electronics 3-nm “Sold to a small initial production cryptocurrency company”

In the latest development today, according to the Japanese media sources, on the 8th, it has come to light that the 3-nm chip, allegedly unveiled during the US president‘s visit to S.Korea, has already been sold to some small-scale cryptocurrencies companies.

The Japanese media commented on the 3-nm mass production recently started,
“It was a small amount of initial production and was sold to a cryptocurrency company.”

Japan’s Nikkei informed on the 8th about the evaluation of advanced semiconductor technology,
Samsung did not disclose the public customer name or sales customer name of the circuit width.” -a spokesman remarks.
The seller’s comments have been submitted.

Nikkei also reported that,
“The manufacturing facility is not the Pyeongtaek campus where the latest devices are launched, but the Hwaseong factory with the development of manufacturing technologies” and “There is speculation that this is not a very small mass production.”

This implies that 3-nm has already gone through testing, and large-scale mass production hints at the readiness for the market.

Samsung stated the mass production of the 3-nm chips this July, only until now, it was believed that only insiders of the organization and the high officials of the US experienced the 3-nm chip before their very own sight. But this development suggests that it is already being sold, meaning the mass production could be od already completed design. That implies that the chip has been already tested thoroughly and, if put crudely now, is in the ‘closed beta’ stage for 3rd party testing. Crypto is seen as an important part of the future, and what better to test the capabilities of this new tech.

Samsung Electronics 3nm ‘Sold to small-scale initial production virtual currency companies’
-by Kim Jong-chan, political economy reporter.

If this turn out as it seems, then we can say Samsung is already way ahead of its rival, which hasn’t even started the 3-nm production, let alone the testing.