Samsung One UI Watch 4.5 & WearOS 3.5 Compatible Galaxy Watch Models

Everybody knows that Samsung is a South Korean tech giant that makes electronic devices and is famous for its flagship phones in the market. But from the last few months, Samsung’s always-with-you communication tool ‘The Samsung Watches’ is making buzz and thrilling Samsung fans. But why?

The reason behind this is the tech giant released the fourth beta version of One UI Watch 4.5 for the Galaxy Watch 4 series globally as well as United States. Users of Samsung watches want to know when their watch will release the update and which watches are eligible for the update. 

It is important to know that after the merger of Wear OS and One UI. One UI Watch 4.5 is the second upgrade. The One UI Watch 4.5 is based on Wear OS 3.5. In this, many new features and tons of bugs are fixed. If we talk about the feature, One UI Watch 4.5 stable update will introduce the Gesture typing experience, easy way to make calls, quick access watch face with the customizability of colors, and many more.

If we talk briefly about One UI 4.5 features:

Gesture Typing: One UI Watch4.5 adds a full gesture typing experience on screen with an all-new full QWERTY keyboard with the help that you can Swipe to type in a single touch; moreover it also added the dictating and handwriting feature. 

Call with dual sim support: You can make calls with dual sim ask support. Dual-SIM capability helps you in choosing a sim by displaying SIM options when dialing a number.

Customize the Watch Face:  In this, you can customize the color, pattern, and design of the watch face and make it of your choice.

Accessibility feature:  The Watch 4.5 brings preferable color contrast and hue to make fonts easier to read. Another feature of it is visual assistance with reduced transparency and blur effect.

Adjust Home button: Last but not least is Now users can also set the most used button, the home button to the toggle, and users can adjust the timing of temporary functions, such as volume and notifications.

I expect that after reading all of the above, Tech enthusiast users really want to know which Samsung watch will get the one UI 4.5 update after the stable release. 

The One UI Watch 4.5 will be available to the below models:

  • Galaxy Watch4, 
  • Galaxy Watch4 Classic,
  • And upcoming Galaxy Watch Series: Like Galaxy Watch5, and Galaxy Watch5 Pro 

This list of devices can vary after the stable release of One UI Watch 4.5 because Availability may vary depending on the market, model, and the paired smartphone.

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