One UI Watch 4.5 Officially Announced With New Features, Availability & Supported Smartwatches

Samsung has announced the future arrival of One UI Watch 4.5 for select Galaxy Watch range smartwatches. This is a very important update that, as Samsung itself underlines in its official press release, aims to guarantee an even more complete user experience for users who choose Galaxy Watch smartwatches.

With the new One UI Watch 4.5, Samsung aims to make life easier for users by ensuring a simpler system for calls and the ability to access a full keyboard, ideal for quickly responding to messages from your smartwatch. Complementing the update will be several new accessibility features.

 Full-size QWERTY keyboard

One of the main features of the new One UI Watch update concerns the keyboard and the ability to access and manage completely different input methods. In fact, users will be able to access a full-size QWERTY keyboard with a swipe. It should also be noted that users can easily switch to other entry systems.

One UI Watch 4.5 will allow a smooth and simplified transition from the keyboard to dictation mode or freehand writing through the new interface. The switch between the various methods can occur immediately, without wasting time and, above all, without any obstacles. It will be possible to switch from one method to another while creating a single message. You can then start “writing” by dictation, switch to the QWERTY keyboard, and complete the message to be sent.

Dual SIM Option

Samsung also promises better call handling with One UI Watch 4.5. With the update, there will be the introduction of Dual SIM support. Users can then set a preferred SIM on their smartphone and automatically synchronize it with the Galaxy Watch with One UI Watch 4.5. The Watch interface will always clearly show which SIM is currently in use.

It should also be noted that you can also take advantage of the “Always ask” option (if already set on the phone paired with the Watch) to choose, from time to time, which SIM to use to make a call. The interface, in this case, will show the double option when starting the call, as shown in the images below. The user can then set, from time to time, the SIM to use for calling.

The Dual-SIM support allows you to use the two SIMs of your smartphone in an even easier way. This is a feature that should not be underestimated. Those who have two SIMs (one personal and one work or one Italian and one foreign etc.) will be able to manage calls very easily with One UI Watch 4.5, simplifying the use of the Galaxy Watch as an alternative to the smartphone.

New Watch Faces

Among the new features coming with One UI Watch 4.5, there will also be a greater possibility of customizing the dial. The goal of the update is to make the Galaxy Watch even more customizable and in line with the needs and tastes of the user. Samsung has anticipated the possibility of accessing all your favourite watch faces even more easily and managing the colour variations in the smallest details.

As noted earlier, accessibility will play a certain role with the One UI Watch 4.5 update. For users who have difficulty distinguishing colours, Samsung has confirmed the possibility of adjusting the display with the right shade, increasing the contrast if necessary, to simplify the correct reading of all the characters displayed on the screen.


Among the new options available to users, for greater accessibility, there is the possibility of removing animations and adjusting the gradient effects. There will also be greater control of the audio to make it easier to use the contents, with the possibility of adjusting the audio output from both the left and right headphones connected via Bluetooth.

In terms of accessibility, moreover, the function that extends the touch duration is introduced, and the possibility to disable repeated touch inputs to ignore involuntary repeated touches of the display. New accessibility features also include adjusting the duration time of temporary functions and setting the Home button to activate the most used function.

Thanks to One UI Watch 4.5, therefore, various features related to accessibility are introduced on various levels to make the smartwatch even more usable. All the news will be included in the appropriate settings menu with the user, who can then adjust the operation of the device.

Availability and supported models

For the moment, Samsung hasn’t released precise timing for the release of the new update that will introduce the One UI Watch 4.5. However, the company has confirmed that this update will be available for the Galaxy Watch4 and the Galaxy Watch4 ClassicThe new models of the Galaxy Watch range arriving in the coming months will also be supported. The update will come with the latest version of Wear OS Powered by Samsung (based on Wear OS 3.5).