Galaxy Watch 4 Connectivity Problem: How Can You Fix

Samsung is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of electronics technology and expanding to dominate the smartphone industry. It is also an exception in the smartwatch department, demonstrating its prowess.

In the news today, Its latest wearable, the Galaxy Watch 4, is giving its owners troubles. The situation described is not related to connected watches but to the companion app that monitors them on smartphones.

The Galaxy Wearable app is an application that manages the management of Samsung’s smartwatches and audio devices. The problem is that the app keeps crashing with the Galaxy Watch manager on the smartphone.

According to some customers, this issue was informed for smartphones, on official Samsung communities, and on unofficial social media platforms.

At present, No one seems to be able to fix it; not even upgrading to the older version of the Galaxy Wearable app has helped the users.

Samsung was attentive to the issue and has also detailed the source of the problem. It looks like this will happen on all smartphones upgraded to Android 12, as Google’s framework won’t agree to allow access to the gadgets within reach of the Galaxy Wearable app.

Suggesting a compatibility issue between Android 12 and services that the Galaxy Wearable app works on smartphones.

As a result, Samsung clarified that it is working to find out the issue, even though with an unexpected timetable for the release of the patch. On the 11th moderator acknowledged the problem, and Of course, the timelines are not expected to be too long, as the moderator said-

“Hello, the customer.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Not allowing the “Nearby Devices” permission was a problem.
Please run the Galaxy Wearable app and allow “Nearby Devices” permission before use.
We will fix the problem and update it as soon as possible.
If any other problem occurs, please send the log so we can quickly analyze the cause of the problem.”

This was for the Watch 4 manager version
The last time we saw this type of problem for the Samsung Pay app was the previous month, which was then thought to be an end of support for the app on third-party devices but turned out to be just a bug solved by Samsung later.