Samsung Group To Split The Foundry Business

After first adopting the 3nm process, Samsung Electronics is now expected to isolate its foundry business for future competitiveness in the shipping sector and include manufacturing facilities in the United States. and Europe to go further to non-factory customers.

The call was made by Samsung Securities, a subsidiary of Samsung that specializes in financial services. Samsung Securities, in its Friday report, called for stronger measures to boost Foundry trading and limit losses with industry pioneer and rival TSMC.

The Report;

This has prompted other Samsung offices in the US and Europe to pursue their customers more enthusiastically. Ultimately, the company should trade it on a US exchange like SK Hynix, which seeks to list the NAND transactions it has received from Intel.

The report is seen as a loss hedging strategy after Samsung Electronics’ revenue from its foundry business fell 3.9% in the quarter to $5.3 billion in the first quarter of the year, causing its market to fall. Its advertising share in the global foundry also tumbled from 18.3% to 16.3% throughout the class.

As in the news earlier also, The South Korean memory chip giant has made a big contribution to the foundry, promising a temporary foundry in Taylor, Texas, that will compete with TSMC, which is building offices in the US.

In May, Samsung committed to investing 450 trillion won ($342.3 billion) in companies like the chip, biology, and computer divisions over the next five years, 80% of which will go to computers and RandD.

This also comes after Samsung recently established a working group, ‘Task Force,’ to manage chip packaging.