Samsung Enters The Metaverse Introduce Space Tycoons

Today, every company is in a progressive race to enter the anecdotal yet hilarious universe, the Metaverse. Samsung Electronics does not stand out in this regard.

Samsung announced it’s joining with the launch of Space Tycoon, a virtual play area built inside the Metaverse world stage ‘Roblox.’

What are Metaverse, Roblox & Space Tycoon?

Dynamic, speed, innovation, youth, and objects such as cars, planes, and mechanical cities with a touch of science fiction, the Metaverse can be the theoretical highlight of the web as a virtual world. It is Unique & popular with immersion into the VR world using virtual reality devices. 

Roblox is a web-based hobby and setting created by Roblox Corporation that allows customers to engage in fun activities and play with interests created by other users. 

Space Tycoon is a virtual space where players can create and play according to their interests and share their encounters using Samsung Electronics products and devices. 

Samsung has realized this advantage by focusing on Gen Z customers to provide them with interactions and encounters that can make and appreciate their progress.

This will specifically target Generation Z and provide them with a unique experience when using Samsung services.

Housed within the Samsung Space Station as well as the Research Center, where alien characters investigate the latest Samsung items, Space Tycoon features three game-specific areas: a mining area to purchase assets, a Shop for in-game items, and Labs for crafting goods.

The game will feature Samsung products such as Sero series TVs, AI-powered Jet Bot vacuums, and Galaxy Z series to be molded into desired shapes according to the player’s wishes. One scooter is made from a Galaxy Z device, the others into a helicopter and hoverboard.

Launch Date, Languages & services;

The catalog currently features more than 20 Samsung products, and the game will be released in 15 languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, and Spanish. 

Samsung has committed to updating services regularly and adding new products. 

Additional highlights where customers can link up, share their events or go to some virtual party will be encouraged. More broadly, Samsung will host interactive online opportunities through as part of the #YouMake campaign around coloring and collecting Samsung merchandise.

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