Samsung TO Reopen Its Old Project: Microdisplay OLEDs

Today in some offbeat news from concurring reports straight from Korea, Samsung is considering beginning creating OLED microdisplays to bolster its client needs.

According to reports, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Meta, and others have been coming to out to Samsung concerning OLED microdisplay production.

Samsung 2011 OLED microdisplay prototype is receiving solid requests or at the slightest intrigued by them.

As all major tech companies are creating arrangements for AR and VR, Samsung Display has abstained from creating OLED microdisplay innovations because it accepted that productivity will not be great, albeit to alter now.

One of the reasons that Samsung Gadgets is encouraging SDC to create OLED microdisplays could be the archrival from the native country, the LG Display’s microdisplay project. LG Display is supposed to be working on OLED microdisplay for the end customer market. This might also force Samsung Display’s hand to jump into the market.

It all started in 2011 when Samsung uncovered an OLED microdisplay model, the 0.6″ XGA model.
It was created by Samsung Mobile Display (which afterward got to be Samsung Display). Although Samsung never commercialized this gadget, it did keep it for research purposes.

Samsung has already acquired German display company Cynora and planned to supply OLEDs to BMW. Also, It did shut down its LCD panel business and transferred employees to other departments lately. This all signals the brewing of something unique and exotic, which could be an advancement in the micro-OLED display.

With all this time on hand, Samsung should be ready to dust down the low-key projects, especially when it is arguably the best & largest display manufacturer in the world currently.