Samsung One UI 5.0: Features Confirmed

We already knew that the Galaxy S22 OneUI 5.0 Beta was expected to be released in the third week of July & stable version in October this year.

Also, Samsung’s One UI 5.0 was most likely to improve the animations & gestures as they received a lot of negative feedback.

Lastly, the Android 13 beta was for non-Samsung devices until now, but UI changes such as some revamped UI elements like settings and power shortcuts to the Quick Settings menu showed a glimpse of what is Samsung going to offer in the latest OneUI 5.0, and which is what seems to be happening. Not to mention the Preview builds on other devices also displayed the added Flashlight brightness control in Android13, previously.

Well, these were just speculations based on the information released unofficially so far, but now it’s confirmed via this newly revealed information.

With a sanctioned beta interpretation of One UI 5.0 coming up, and internal trials formerly afoot, people are restless to see what Samsung has in store for Android 13 & it is no surprise that Samsung is most likely to bundle One UI 5.0 along with Android 13.

But we will provide you with this simple yet informative analysis. This exclusive report from a media house is the rearmost beta interpretation of One UI 5 to start indeed before the general beta… Let’s take a look at all the new features of One UI 5.0.

To give some environment, this interpretation is handed by the source and not an interpretation released by Samsung, so it may not give the full One UI 5.0 image because it borrows the original characteristics heavily from the previous one.

Although, this is an original beta, and unfortunately, there’s no changelog history, all the new content below comes from using One UI 5.0 and comparing it to One UI 4.0. As in our previous reports, the changes have heavily been through visual improvements.

Modified Notification design:

One UI 5.0 Notification

The notification layout has changed slightly between One UI 4.0 and One UI 5.0.

There are new icons and a streamlined design style.

Notification shadow and quick settings have also changed slightly for the opacity. 

None of these changes are fantastic, but they give a different overall sense to the shadow of the notifications being used.

Stock Android permission dialogs:

One-UI 5-Permissions-Samsung-Health

One of the big surprises with One UI 5 is Samsung’s choice to use the standard Android notifications permission dialog. 

This is in no way bad, it’s veritably analogous to what Google does. We can speculate perhaps that it helps speed up the upgrade process by not changing effects they shouldn’t, or Samsung has yet to be suitable to change them to One UI 5.0. We’ll know in an unborn beta soon. 

The OCR:

Samsung has now added Optical Character Recognition( OCR), which lets you copy textbooks from prints to the Gallery app and keyboard. When your device detects a textbook in a print, it now has a button at the bottom of the gallery so you can abate the textbook from the print. It was preliminarily part of Bixby Vision but has come to its point in One UI 5.0, kind of like Google Lens.

Keyboard OCR works the same way as iOS. In any textbook field, you can choose to prize a textbook and point the camera at anything to extract and copy the text. The interpretation of the Samsung interface brings uncanny similarity to iOS.

The Security and Privacy Hub:


It is Samsung’s interpretation of what Google did for Pixel phones with Android 13.

It puts all security and private accounts, including watchwords, and features on one screen, giving users ease of access.

It also looks for anything that might abuse the app’s warrants or security settings that are not turned on and recommends turning it on to improve security.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing new here also, in the Hub. All the settings and features are also in One UI 4.0. However, it’s nice to see that Samsung makes it easier and proactively warns of users with lower-tech knowledge.

New multitasking conduct & Gestures:


In Labs, there are now two options for multitasking and access to features. You can now use two fingers to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pierce the split view, or swipe up from the top right to produce a pop-up window. None of them presently work in this interpretation, but they should work when you start it, colorful changes arent they?

Somewhat Extra Changes:

  1. Collaboration One UI 5.0 with Samsung Notes, which was updated earlier yesterday.
  2. The presently active operation of an app is in the quick settings.
  3. The About Page now displays a picture of your device.
  4. Toggle UWB on/off through Settings. It allows tracking tags, and a few cars, to use radio signals to identify a gadget’s location. UWB is the basis of tracking tags like Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s SmartTag Plus, which help to find lost keys, purses, wallets, or beloved pets.


At the end of the day, One UI 5.0 doesn’t have significant to offer. It has entered undersized advancements in all situations with vibrancy advancements.

It is not unacceptable, but Samsung seems to manage the speed of the update more, as the Beta is anticipated to start a month agone and is anticipated also to launch a month before the expected date.

Launching Android updates snappily and also bringing new features after updates are released, allows more users to welcome the update & be pleased. 

Releasing regular updates is Samsung’s forte & this is a good thing. We’ll have to see how they hold up foldable Galaxy Z smartphones, which are unique & exclusive to Samsung.

Clamshell-designed foldable Galaxy Z series & tablets will be next to get a special version developed alongside Google’s Android12L-based OneUI 4.1.1, along with the mid-range A series phones with regular OS & UI updates.

About OneUI: 

Before we go, we leave you with brief info about the Samsung OneUI.

OneUI is a custom skin or a layer on top of the Android OS, which provides custom interactions for users. Samsung often does rigorous testing before releasing the stable version with the Android system.

This seems to be the same pattern of being released every year, a new version. In addition, we could also see the upcoming Galaxy S23 lineup later this year in August at the Samsung Unpacked Event or the annual SDC 2022 developer conference around October 2022.

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