Samsung Android July 2022 Firmware – Here what’s new & who will receive it

Samsung earlier this year committed to a Software Distribution 4-year Policy by offering up to four generations of One UI and Android OS upgrades on select Galaxy devices. 

July has now come to life, and Samsung, one of the companies most attentive to the issue of updates, has already kicked off the release of this month’s update for the various smartphones in its portfolio. 

SMR is a maintenance release for major flagship models as part of the monthly Security Maintenance Release (SMR) process. This includes patches from Google and Samsung, mostly for security and privacy purposes.

What’s new

As for the part that Google does, the July security patches introduce the fix for 23 vulnerabilities, three of which are critical (one related to a flaw in the modem software, which made it possible to crash the remote modem).

Moving on to the update part relating to the Samsung interface, according to what we learned, it includes 41 fixes that concern the security of Samsung Galaxy devices.

However, in some cases, frequent operating system upgrades may cause delays in scheduled security updates, but operating system upgrades will include security patches, and updated frameworks when distributed. 

Delivery times for security patches may vary by region and model. Some fixes received from chipset vendors (also known as device-specific fixes) may not be included in the monthly security update package and will be bundled along with security update packages when prepared.

These models that will receive the firmware

As for the devices for which the release of this update seems certain, here is the complete list:

This update should also arrive for the Samsung Galaxy A13, Galaxy A31, Galaxy A32 4G, and Galaxy A71.

Moving on to tablets, the update should also be released for some of the models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Galaxy Tab A series.

Finally, as regards the timing, the Korean giant will need a few weeks.

When the update is actually available, a notification will inform users. The most impatient can carry out a manual check by going to the Settings menu and entering the section dedicated to updates.