Samsung’s Expert Raw App Get New Features But Older Flagships Will Have To Wait

Today on the camera support page on Samsung Community Korea app ‘r1’ for Expert RAW, the moderator informed the community about what new features they will bring. The moderator announced the Expert RAW update schedule this 8th.

Samsung Moderator also informed that these two new features are based on customer feedback from the community. They are;

Expert Raw New Features:

Feature A: Set the function to save the value in the custom preset; It is an option for custom manual settings that can be saved and used again.

It’s inconvenient to have to re-adjust the setting so that the user can pre-save the setting every time the lens is changed to something like “My Settings” or “Custom Mode.” It seems realistic. 

Feature B: Save format; RAW Expert delivers results in both RAW and JPEG formats at the same time. After taking a photo with Expert RAW, if you take a RAW image in the gallery, it will be saved as PNG and JPEG; it saves two copies for saving one & only DNG copy.

When shooting with Expert RAW, user-changed camera setting values ​​are saved, and a new function to save settings that can be reused for the next shot will be added.

There are cases where it is impractical to store two types of results. Developers plan to add a “Save Format” menu in the configuration menu where the user can select the desired format.

Moderator stated that users could choose to create only RAW or JPEG, and you can also save both as before.

Developers and reviewers are working hard to provide a better Expert RAW app with better low-light image quality and adding new features that have been introduced now.

Delayed For Older Flagships:

First, when Expert RAW was released, it was announced that the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold2 models would be supported in the first half; however, the support schedule was delayed.

Earlier, Expert RAW support required a full camera system update, and other improvements were not identified until the final process. 

The Galaxy S20 Ultra only supported two lenses: wide-angle and ultra-wide omitting the telephoto. 

The calculator of the Expert RAW app is based on Bayer RAW, which is a Bayer filter mosaic, a color filter array for arranging RGB color filters on a square grid of photosensors.

The 10x Hybrid Optic telephoto lens fitted to the S20U cannot output Bayer RAW, so it will certainly be dropped from supported lenses & developers are working on the September SW update schedule this year and regretted the delay in the update process.

All we can take from this released information is that the expected release for this update is in September & there are two new features coming.

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