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Samsung SmartThings Find Advances Further: Crosses 200 Million Mark



Over 200 million users across 200 countries that’s how far Samsung SmartThings Find has reached. First of all, SmartThings Find is a service that allows users to connect and find lost devices or gadgets through the IoT. Its also open source with thousands of devices across hundreds of brands. The SmartThings Find service was introduced in 2020 and passed the 100 million mark last year.

SmartThings Find has developed quickly and is presently comprised of more than 200 million discover nodes or hubs working to assist clients in finding their lost gadgets. 

Find hubs are gadgets that have been enlisted on the SmartThings Find that assist other Samsung Galaxy clients in finding their misplaced or lost gadgets/devices; it uncovers the Galaxy SmartTag’s location and transmits the current location to the owner by utilizing the registered devices-implying IoT, in simple language it’s a matrix net.

From smartphones, tablets, Watches, and earbuds to individual assets such as keys or your wallet that have a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ attached. 

SmartThings Finds leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to find your thing. 

If your gadget is outside your phone’s reach, other registered adjacent Samsung Galaxy clients can assist you in finding it.

If you give SmartThings Discover authorization, SmartThings Find can moreover caution clients that they have quit their gadgets behind.

Samsung claims that SmartThings Find encrypts user data and keeps it protected by Samsung Knox, a security service. In addition, a device’s location data is only publicized in IoT with the user’s permission. Privacy is maintained by altering The ID of each user’s device every 15 minutes and is stored anonymously. 

SmartThings Find also helps users identify anonymous SmartTags that track them for a specific time duration.

In comparison, Apple has a “Find My” network with exact undisclosed figures and Google with the “Find My Device” service.

Last year, Samsung claimed that around 230,000 devices were located through this feature daily.

If you lose your gadgets often, are a bit clumsy, or are just unfamiliar with this feature/service and want to know how to use it, you should visit SmartThings Find.

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Samsung to borrow more iOS features with One UI 7




One UI 7

Samsung is developing the One UI 7, which will provide several new features for Galaxy devices. To do that, Samsung is spotted getting several new features related to Apple’s iOS 18 features.

In the last couple of days, Samsung has already spotted using some new features that will be available in the One UI 7. For instance, there is a new Gallery icon and Quick settings. Apart from these, a new camera interface has also been spotted.

Now, some more new features have been spotted. According to tipster @chunvn8888, the Korean giant will bring Apple’s Dynamic Island and Live activities functionalities to the Galaxy devices.

For more information, the Dynamic will provide extra usability of the regular features from the notch, such as timers, music control, and view interaction .’

Meanwhile, the Live activities could bring lock screen notifications from apps that can update themselves automatically.

However, it is worth mentioning that the company will provide these features with the same name and debut them with its own name and new features. It is also expected that Samsung may introduce these features in a new way.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring new features to be run on subscription model




Galaxy Ring android.

Samsung introduced its latest Galaxy wearable in the last Galaxy unpacked event, here we are talking about the Galaxy Ring. With this new gadget, the Korean giant has opened the door to innovation and convenience.

With the Galaxy Ring, Samsung is aiming to provide more comfort to track daily routine health changes without disturbing the regular lifestyle. For starters, the new Galaxy wearable can track various health-related factors including continuous sleep and heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, workout tracking, and more. But the question is “Do these features require any fees”?

During the Galaxy unpacked event, Samsung didn’t talk about any additional fees for using the Galaxy Ring features, nor did the company highlight any subscription model which indicates that you will not be required to pay any fee for using any feature at the moment.

But there is a twist, same as the case of Galaxy AI features where the company hasn’t publically spoken about the charges implemented on the features after 2025 and issued them in the document with a small font, the Galaxy Ring is also spotted to get some type of subscription model in the presentation slide.

However, if we observe the clause mentioned in the official presentation, which says there are no additional fees applicable to the current feature available on the Galaxy Ring, but the upcoming feature will be listed in the subscription, it means if the user uses any new feature on the Galaxy Ring then they will have to pay a certain amount

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One UI 7 stock camera UI design and app icon leaked




Samsung camera

One UI 7 is set to be available in the next couple of months, there are some rumors have already started circulating about the availability of the One UI 7.0 beta program, and along with this there are some leaks revealed about the new change which will be applied to the Galaxy devices, now with a tipster has revealed about the stock camera UI design and internal UI changes.

Samsung to bring one-hand compatible stock camera UI

A tipster user named @chunvn8888 shared four screenshots where we can see the icon look of the application along with the camera’s internal user interface. The new app icon is clean and simple with the texture of white color, it is reminding the early days of Instagram.

Meanwhile, if we talk about the user interface, the company has made some minor changes but will be useful for users to comfortably use the device with one hand.

According to the screenshots, now when you open the photo mode, here you will get a dedicated button in the right corner immediately above of camera shifting button, which allows you to expand the features in a strip so you can use them with the help of the one hand.

Along with this, the menu also comes down near the bottom in a tray form so you can easily select any of the options without any extra effort.

Earlier the tipster also shared the leaked images of the Gallery app icon which will be redesigned in in the One UI 7. Along with this, there are several rumours also appeared that claim many new features will appear with the One UI 7.0

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