Samsung SmartThings Find Advances Further: Crosses 200 Million Mark

Over 200 million users across 200 countries that’s how far Samsung SmartThings Find has reached. First of all, SmartThings Find is a service that allows users to connect and find lost devices or gadgets through the IoT. Its also open source with thousands of devices across hundreds of brands. The SmartThings Find service was introduced in 2020 and passed the 100 million mark last year.

SmartThings Find has developed quickly and is presently comprised of more than 200 million discover nodes or hubs working to assist clients in finding their lost gadgets. 

Find hubs are gadgets that have been enlisted on the SmartThings Find that assist other Samsung Galaxy clients in finding their misplaced or lost gadgets/devices; it uncovers the Galaxy SmartTag’s location and transmits the current location to the owner by utilizing the registered devices-implying IoT, in simple language it’s a matrix net.

From smartphones, tablets, Watches, and earbuds to individual assets such as keys or your wallet that have a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ attached. 

SmartThings Finds leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to find your thing. 

If your gadget is outside your phone’s reach, other registered adjacent Samsung Galaxy clients can assist you in finding it.

If you give SmartThings Discover authorization, SmartThings Find can moreover caution clients that they have quit their gadgets behind.

Samsung claims that SmartThings Find encrypts user data and keeps it protected by Samsung Knox, a security service. In addition, a device’s location data is only publicized in IoT with the user’s permission. Privacy is maintained by altering The ID of each user’s device every 15 minutes and is stored anonymously. 

SmartThings Find also helps users identify anonymous SmartTags that track them for a specific time duration.

In comparison, Apple has a “Find My” network with exact undisclosed figures and Google with the “Find My Device” service.

Last year, Samsung claimed that around 230,000 devices were located through this feature daily.

If you lose your gadgets often, are a bit clumsy, or are just unfamiliar with this feature/service and want to know how to use it, you should visit SmartThings Find.