Samsung Adds ‘SmartThings Energy’, A Power Saving Mode To ‘SmartThings Home Life’


  • SmartThings Energy‘ service to reduce summer energy consumption.
  • AI will reduce a total of 21% power consumption monthly.
  • Hygiene-related functions will also be updated during the month in response to the hot and humid summer.

On June 29th, Samsung Electronics informed that it would release an update for the products that support the ‘SmartThings Energy’ service to reduce summer energy consumption. This will effectively reduce the energy consumption across various appliances, Samsung informed today.

SmartThings Energy is a part of ‘SmartThings Home Life,’ an integrated home appliance solution introduced in February targeting summer energy consumption reduction.

SmartThings service can be used by Samsung’s 200 partners. Cooking, energy control, clothing care, pet care, and air system control services are available via remote control.

Samsung informed this earlier month that the SmartThings Home Life system will also get updated with (IoT) service, which allows users to remotely control various home appliances in 97 countries.

Recently Samsung also provided an update ‘SmartThings Home Life‘ to the ‘Bespoke Refrigerator.’

Released on June 13th, the Bespoke seriesBespoke Cube and Bespoke refrigerators dubbed ‘Sommelier at Home‘ function.

Earlier this month, on June 7th, at the annual Bespoke event, Samsung unveiled many of its appliance’s capabilities. Samsung extended the lineup by adding a Bespoke AI washer and dryer as well as the Bespoke kitchen package, comprised of an oven, dishwasher, and induction cooktop, to its product lineup for overseas markets.

This service utilizes ‘AI saving mode,’ which checks the progressive loading by providing initial maintenance via operating in a power-saving mode for various appliances, especially the AC.

The AI saving mode will be extended to the bespoke washer & dryer too.

The AI ​​saving mode collects data from Korea Electric Power Corporation and compares and informs the daily power target and predicted usage to the user for desired consumption.

AI will reduce consumption and enter power-saving mode if the predictions exceed the set goal by the user, resulting in a total of 21% consumption monthly reduction.

Samsung also informed that Hygiene-related functions would also be updated during the month in response to the hot and humid summer.

The UV LED sterilization function for the 2022 ‘Bespoke Jet‘ series will operate 120 minutes instead of 90 minutes every 5 hours.

An automatic dust discharge system, an ‘integrated cleaning station’ which collects the dust and discharges 99% of it.

“We are providing SmartThings energy updates so that consumers can lessen the burden of electricity bills in the summertime. We will do our best to expand the value of our products in line with this.”

-Mi-Young Yoo, Vice President of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics.

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