Samsung Completed Another Milestone In IT System

Samsung SDS wins the race in the Home Country of South Korea & becomes the first ever to accommodate the OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020, the worldwide standard for open source compliance.

Samsung SDS is a supplier of data innovation administrations, counting counseling administrations, specialized administrations, and outsourcing administrations.

What is it & how does this affect Samsung customers?

Most organizations and program items depend on various authorized open source components such as systems, libraries, and holders. Concurring to the standard, to be able to utilize open source components viably, the organization must know and comply with all components included, including the related open source licenses and commitments.

This is where the OpenChain standard enters, it was started by Linux in 2016, which grants this certification to worldwide companies which meet & pass the standards.

Samsung SDS is recognized for open source policy and process, professional workforce, and employee training. 

Not complying with these standards will result in legal issues & disputes. This achievement for Samsung doesn’t come conveniently, it dedicated a group of people to understand the Open Sources License program, starting this year.

This team was dubbed as Open Source Program Office (OSPO) which had reinforced specialists in development, security, legal, and patent thwarting the legal issues.

The team conducted prior validation on threats to software, application, and IT infrastructure development by cooperation with its foreign workforce.

Samsung plans to form integrated management to handle the data & security risks related to the program next September.

The idea behind this is to gain & maintain the faith of its customers by providing better solutions and security.

This is another step in moving to the future as many companies are seeking this license. One example would be BlackBerry which became the first in North America to gain OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020. In cloud-based cyber computing. Earlier in June, Samsung SDS, received competence partner status recognition from AWS, (Amazon Web Services performing) exceedingly well.

“With the increasing use of open source software, securing reliability is important in the software supply chain. With thorough verification and abiding by the license policy, Samsung SDS will provide our customers with services and solutions they can rely on.”

-Kim Jong-Pil, executive vice president and leader of the Development Office at Samsung SDS.

Source- Business Korea