Samsung Fans Worried About The Galaxy Watch 5: Rotating Bezel Or Not?

Codename Project X was the name of the Galaxy Watch 5 during development; fast forward to today, and It will be showcased in the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on Aug 10. So today, we will discuss the possibilities that might repel people from buying the next Galaxy Watch 5.

In 2019, Samsung released the Galaxy Watch Active 2, introducing the touch-sensitive Bezel after 5 years of going with the Bezel.

Instep, the Galaxy Watch 2 Active presented the touch-sensitive Bezel to fill the gap. The experiment didn’t succeed, and the Galaxy Watch 3 returned the Rotating Bezel with Galaxy 4 Classic series continuing the custom.

In its past Tizen OS, Samsung outlined the whole working framework around exploring the Bezel, while Wear OS could be a bit less dependent on that choice. 

Wear OS 3 with Samsung’s One UI Galaxy skin is fair as simple to utilize without a turning bezel, so it isn’t shocking that Samsung needs to jettison the alternative.

Now, Samsung will experiment again by supposedly omitting the rotating Bezel from the Watch 5 Pro/Classic model.

The rotating Bezel will be removed, and there will be no physical bezel, but a capacitive or visual bezel is possible, like the Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch Active2.

But cheaper Chinese versions and other luxury and too costly watches don’t perform like the Galaxy watches or Apple, but if you don’t want Apple, there are no options. So yeah, there are no “alternatives” unless you are willing to settle for inferior hardware. Snapdragon recently announced their new watch SOC, so there is still hope for the future, but not anything shortly. 

What users have to say;

We have compiled the feedback from users about the Rotating Bezel, and let’s see what they have to say.

The rotating Bezel makes the watch easier to use and adds an extra layer of protection to the display. this Bezel saved the screen from countless knocks

It makes you stand out from the crowd; the Galaxy Watch would be another smartwatch, perhaps not even an attractive one. 

They are stunning watches, and if we remove one signature feature, the reason to stay is gone. 

Some said they will upgrade to other brands like Skagen when it’s time to replace the Watch 4 classic. 

Using the Bezel is much easier when cycling to control things like music etc. 

Talk about standing out with features that set it apart from the Apple Watch.

People said they would either buy a watch or wait for Galaxy Watch 6 if they returned it. This new series of Galaxy watch looks more like a luxury watch, getting smaller and smaller from 45mm down to 46mm, a complete. 


“Looking for alternatives,” a sad fact that the world of Android watches is severely impeded right now. Most watches have a terrible Snapdragon SOC resulting in poor performance. Not to mention that there are still no WearOS 3 watches other than Samsung & luxury Mont Blanc Summit 3.