Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series Listed On European Market

Today, revealing information about the Galaxy Watch 5 series has come, which unravels the mystery around the prices of the devices; it indicates that the prices will actually be lower than the predecessors of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 series.

Although, rumours were in the air in June that the upcoming series would be more expensive than their predecessors from many sources, including the regular tipster Roland Quandt.

However, here is the new information;

  • The Galaxy Watch 5 will feature two models, namely;
  • The base model Galaxy Watch 5 with two variants in 40 and 44mm sizes. The Galaxy 5 Pro will come in a 45mm estimated size. 

According to a trusted European retailer posting (here implies general consideration for accuracy, they usually list actual costs). 

As per the posting, the Galaxy Watch 5 BT is estimated at €259 for the 40mm variant and €286 for the 44mm variant. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is to start at around €430 for the Bluetooth-only 45mm model. 

So, that comes down to Galaxy Watch 4 being listed with a cost tag of €269 (for 40mm) and €299 (for 44mm). 

While The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was estimated at €369 (for 42 mm) and €399 (for 46 mm). So it seems that there is no Galaxy watch 5 Classic on the way; instep, we’ll see Galaxy Watch 5 Pro within the lineup.

Samsung’s One UI skin will run on top of Wear OS after ditching the TizenOS. The series is expected to be released on AUG 10 at the Samsung Unpacked event, along with the clamshell-designed foldable Z series.