Samsung released fifth beta of One UI Watch 4.5

After the fourth beta of One UI Watch 4.5 landed a few weeks ago, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic are now receiving the fifth one.

Fifth One UI Watch 4.5 Beta

The new firmware is 169.58 MB in size and has the suffix ZVG7 for Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. The changelog lists enhancements to watch face stability, solutions for watch and weather permissions problems in the Digital Dashboard watch face, and failure to restore downloaded watch faces.

The manufacturer also fixed an issue encountered by some users with Together and one with Line compatibility. The built-in compass app itself has been improved and overall reduced fuel consumption and smartwatch charging performance has been improved. Along with the new beta, the companion app version is required to be installed.

Let us take a look at brief headers for changes first;

  • The changelog informs the following changes or improvements;
  • Bugs that have been fixed
  • Stabilized Watchface function.
  • Fixed the permission issue of clock and weather complication in digital dashboard.
  • Fixed the issue that downloaded watchface is not recovered.
  • Fixed forced close issue when a challenge is completed after setting together complication.
  • Improved SGG watchface stabilit
  • Fixed the compatibility issue of bubble view in Line app.
  • Improved the problem that the display is on slowly at wrist up during cycle exercise.
  • Improved battery charging function.
  • Stabilized the power consumption.
  • Improved the correctness of Compass app.

The update debuted first in its home country S.Korea & then the USA.

To download this update, users will need the Watch plugin and register with Samsung. We will keep you updated in the future for ant developments.