Samsung Serves August 2022 Security Firmware For Galaxy S21 In Europe

Recently, Samsung updated its latest flagships Galaxy S22 to August 2022 security patch, now the company rolled out the same security update to the Galaxy S21 /S21+/ S21 Ultra in Europe and first saw in Germany and is expected to be released in other regions as well. 

This new update has a download size of 414.85 MB & comes with a new firmware build no.G99*BXXU5CVGB. This OTA seems to be a regular security patch, not much to add here. 

The series has three models namely:

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-G998B) – G998BXXU5CVGB
  • Galaxy S21+ (SM-G996B) – G996BXXU5CVGB
  • Galaxy S21 (SM-G991B) – G991BXXU5CVGB

According to the Changelog, the following apps got updated to the latest version. Samsung Notes Add-on,Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Global Goals, Samsung Kids, Samsung Notes, Samsung Internet, Samsung Health, SmartThings, Galaxy Shop, Samsung Members, Samsung Wallet, Calculator, Smart Switch, and Voice recorder.

According to Samsung’s and Google’s report, its August 2022 security patch fixes dozens of vulnerabilities related to user privacy and data security such as SIM card data access, remote code execution, improper access controls, MAC address information, camera access, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Samsung account, etc and improvements in native or stock apps. It fixes system lag and app crashes and also improves overall system stability.

The update is for security and privacy issues fixes but is not limited to it, can also include general bug fixes and device stability improvements.

Samsung Community

We have seen continuous updates for Galaxy S21, S21, and S21 Ultra from Samsung as one would expect from Samsung to treat their flagship series. The Galaxy S21 was released 2021 and is expected to get updated in terms of both the latest OS and UI as per Samsung’s software distribution policy.

Users can also check for the latest software update by navigating to Settings » Software update and tapping on Download and install or turning auto-updates or notifications on in the settings of your device.

Readers who are interested can check the links below for a better understanding of resolved security & privacy issues from Samsung’s & Google’s monthly bulletin, for security patches & users’ posts regarding updates.

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