Samsung Launches DIY Repair Program In Partnership With iFixit In USA

After Apple and Google, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung is also starting to offer easy access to original spare parts, manuals, and tools so that consumers can repair their devices in total autonomy.

Samsung Self Repair Service With iFixit In The US

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20 series, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet, are now eligible for Samsung’s new DIY repair program, which launched today.

The company will charge the same charges for spare parts and tools at its retail outlets and service centers as it does for its affiliated facilities. Repair manuals for these devices will also be available online for free and include step-by-step instructions and clear pictures to make them simple to grasp.

Spare parts will come with a prepaid return label so that the damaged part can be recycled responsibly. For this initiative, Samsung has chosen to partner with iFixit to allow users to get additional assistance.

Samsung aims to expand this initiative to more devices in the future. Still, of course, it will continue to offer the necessary assistance also through conventional methods, allowing consumers to turn to specialized centers in the area or ship the product directly to the company.

Samsung Spare Parts Cost In The US:

Photo Courtesy – All About Samsung