Samsung Expanding The August 2022 Security Firmware For Galaxy Z Fold3, Flip3, and S20 In European Market

Samsung’s developer team has kicked off the release of a new update for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy S20 Series marketed in Europe including, the UK, Netherland and Belgium.

The update in question brings to last year’s three flagship smartphones the August 2022 security patches, which are expected to include dozens of fixes for as many vulnerabilities related to both security and privacy.

Once the update is downloaded and installed, the new firmware is marked with the abbreviation F926BXXU1CVG for Fold3, F711BXXU2CVG8 for Flip3, while the Galaxy S20 series can identify by G98*EXXUEFVG5 and, in addition to the June security patches, should bring with it general improvements to the stability and resolution of some of the bugs encountered by users with previous software versions.

According to Samsung’s and Google’s report, its August 2022 security patch fixes dozens of vulnerabilities related to user privacy and data security, such as Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung DeX, Samsung dialer, Desktop System UI, Wi-Fi service, and more.

Users can also check for the latest software update by navigating to Settings » Software update and tapping on Download and install or turning auto-updates or notifications on in the settings of your device.