How To Take Selfie In Galaxy Z Flip 4 Using Cover Screen

How To Use Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cover Screen Features: Taking Selfie Or Video – When folded, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is equally upscale and small, taking up only half the space of a typical smartphone. The new design is the most sophisticated ever thanks to the smaller hinge, polished edges, contrasting hazy rear glass, and shiny metal frames.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 provides customers with cutting-edge customisation choices to express themselves both internally and externally. New clock faces and backgrounds, including pictures, animated gifs, and even films, can be found on the Cover Screen. Users have the option of selecting a Galaxy theme, which completely refreshes the main and Cover Screens with unique fonts, icons, and graphics to best match your taste.

How to take selfie using cover screen in Galaxy Z Flip 4

Get a perfect selfie every time with enhanced Quick Shot. This quick and easy camera mode for the Galaxy Z Flip4 Cover Screen now supports a preview that reflects the actual ratio of the photo, as well as Portrait Mode — offering more choice in how you capture on the go or from the comfort of your home.

  • When the phone is fold
  • Press the power button on the side twice quickly launch the camera.
  • If it doesn’t, go to Settings > Advanced features and tap “Side Key”. Make sure “Double press” is switched on and that “Quick launch camera” is selected from the list. 
  • For taking a picture
    • Tap the screen, and you’ll see a little countdown clock giving you time to frame yourself before it shoots the photo.
  • To shoot a video
    • You just swipe left or right until it says “video”
    • To switch between the ultra wide and primary camera, swipe up or down.