Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta In China For Galaxy S22 Series Date Announced

Last week, Samsung has officially released the beta version of Android 13 with an updated proprietary One UI 5.0 interface. Owners of flagship smartphones of the Galaxy S22 series can be the first to try out the firmware in Germany, Korea, and United States

Now the South Korean giant, announced the One UI 5 beta recruitment for Galaxy S22 series will start from August 23, 2022 in China.

As part of the Material You concept, users will have access to many more colors generated based on installed wallpapers. This will allow you to customize the look more to your own preferences, rather than relying solely on an automatically suggested palette.

Widgets can be combined into stacks so that they do not take up much space on the desktop. Within these stacks, widgets will be able to automatically rotate to provide the most useful information. Based on the user’s habits, the system will be able to independently predict which widget he needs at a particular moment. 

In One UI 5.0, the privacy section has been completely redesigned, where absolutely everything related to security is collected. The developers have updated the design of the menu with a request for applications to provide certain system permissions. The notification center has changed slightly. 

By clicking on any text input field, you can launch the camera to copy text from the real world. In addition, you can copy text from any images stored on your device. Separate gestures have been added to open the active application in a pop-up window and launch split-screen mode. In the professional camera mode, tips have appeared to help you understand all the settings. Another useful innovation is the ability to take notes during telephone conversations. 

This is probably not all of the One UI 5.0 changes. The release dates for stable firmware and the list of supported devices have not yet been announced.