Galaxy Z Flip 4: How To Set Up Cover Screen Widgets

Samsung recently unveiled two new folding devices, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. The latter model was an improvement over earlier iterations due to its increased durability, improved chipset, higher refresh rate interior screen (120 Hz), and larger outside screen.

Despite having a larger size, the Korean brand allows us to use widgets on the cover screen of this device, which allow us, for example, to control music playback, check weather information or access notifications.

For users who need essential tasks done in a flash, Z Flip 4 comes with expanded Cover Screen functionality. Make calls, reply to texts with emoji and Speech to Text, or even turn off your lights at home without opening your device. With more shortcuts than ever, including a flashlight, airplane mode, WiFi and Bluetooth enablement, and even a new SmartThings Scene widget, users can do it all without ever unfolding their phone.

How to set up cover screen widgets on Galaxy Z Flip 4

By just swiping left on the screen, the cover display allows you to access a number of widgets in addition to notifications and a clock. This could be a timer, music player, speech recorder, or weather information. While a pre-installed default set is available, you have the option to switch to different widgets.

  • Open “Settings” app
  • Go into “Cover screen” option
  • Now choose “Widgets”
  • Here you’ll see a list of available options and all you have to do is toggle on the ones you’d like to have, or toggle off the ones you don’t.
  • And if you hit “Reorder” at the top you can change the order in which they appear.