Samsung Filed A Patent For Multiple UDCs

There are various smartphones from Samsung under different price segments, but none of them are packed with a facial recognition application that can provide the best security to devices and personal data. For making more scaled security in terms of facial recognition, the company may provide more than one UDC in its smartphones based on their price.

Under Display Camera (UDC) is seen in Galaxy Z Fold 4, this feature will, of course, provide lots of advantages in terms of biometric security, but if the quality of the camera is going to be the same as this device i.e. 4MP, then it can be pretty difficult to give a proper advancement in terms of facial recognition security.

In the past few years, users have seen kinds of biometric features in their Galaxy devices like Finger Print sensors, Iris Scanner, and Face cognizance, which proved safe and secure features at some point. Although screen size increased with adding several security systems, which are still appreciated by the customers, its craze is easily observed in the market.

As per the acquaintance from Galaxy Club, under the development of technology, several things were added and subtracted as features of the phone changed dimensions sometimes. Like when the device got Iris Scanner at the time, it needed some more space in the front profile of the device; later, it was closed by Samsung, and Face recognizance was introduced, which is still going on as a single camera supports it.

Moving towards the point, Samsung will display multiple UDCs for many smartphones and be able to show several attractive possible features. Well, the whole part becomes useless when it looks towards the camera quality 4MP, which is available in Galaxy Z Fold 3 & 4.

This South Korean Company, Samsung, has always proved itself the most innovative brand in the world, so carrying forward this legacy, researchers of this company are going to form the application in a different form which will enhance the performance in comparison to the present time.

This is a patent application called Method, and Samsung submitted it the previous year in March to KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service ). This system is going to work on Apparatus and storage Medium for authenticating Users.

This particular image is showing that how it will work through EDCs

According to the image, it is understood how these multiple UDCs are going to work. For upgrading the security Samsung will add an Iris scanner also, and it will be done by the UDC only by providing sufficient light from the screen, but it will be of no use if there is facial recognition. Perhaps it is obvious that this upgradation in the system definitely boosts biometrics security.

There are lots of benefits to using this mode; it will showcase better results as more than one Under Display Camera scan in more detail than a single one. So the data received by the system point to exact output, and with this new tech, it’s not too easy to slob the security; this point has been stated on the patent.

Glancing at such updates in the app frame leads to cons that as camera setup is just beneath the screen unable to provide better resolution on the specific area as the resulting user may feel more uncomfortable while watching any videos or playing games. This matter can easily understand by the user of Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its predecessor Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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