Samsung Expert RAW App Available For Galaxy Z Fold 4 With Version

Samsung gives Expert RAW application support to the newly launched Galaxy Z Fold 4. This app work to make the photos even better than before, giving a different feel to the user by increasing the image quality.

Immense the picture in dim light by getting support from Custom Presets. Since 2021 Expert RAW has been packed with several updates for better results, and now it has got a significant update that will help it work efficiently.

Samsung spread the news of the upgradation in the previous month, and the current updated app( is available on Galaxy Store for Galaxy Z Fold 4; it has been revealed its two features one is supporting user presets for fresh save and recycling camera setting and formatting access to 3 new fresh save choices.

How It’ll Work?

The previous layout contained HDR multi-frame capture, a histogram, 16-bit LIneage DNG RAW and JPG format support. Its performance is up to the mark when we do not look towards the night mode capture; lack of photo quality due to low light, especially at night, is one of the most significant drawbacks of the camera. It’s unappreciated by users who are photo lovers.

Now the Expert RAW ( allows the user to change the highlights, shadow, tint, and saturation with the help of Custom Preset. The changed feature can provide excellent photo quality with great detail even in dim light as it is always the wish for users to capture the moment according to their creativity.

Expert RAW app version is only for Galaxy Z Fold 4. The rest of the flagship devices can install this application with the previous version. Mid-range mobiles and budget phones are still deprived of it.

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