Samsung Could Introduce New Camera Stabilization Technology On The Galaxy S23 Range

According to a recent Samsung patent application issued by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the business is prepared to provide the new stabilization technology for its devices’ cameras.

The patent material suggests that Samsung is getting close to releasing sensor-shifted camera stabilization technology. The new technology is based on the motion of the image sensor to counteract the movements of the smartphone during shooting, while the OIS optical stabilization is based on the movement of the lens.

Samsung had, up until now, depended on OIS stabilization, although early indications that the company was developing the new technology surfaced in April.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max introduced sensor-based stabilization a few years back, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may do the same.

In contrast to Apple, Samsung intends to use this technology on the zoom camera rather than the primary sensor because the patent specifically refers to a telephoto lens with a periscope lens combined with sensor motion technology.

However, the paperwork lists various electronic devices as use cases for the new technology, including smartphones, folding, sliding, extensible, and rollable smartphones; thus, it is currently unclear to forecast which Samsung devices will be released.

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