Samsung Health App Gets New Dynamic Icon & Features With The Latest Update

Samsung Health is a great app where you can check your activity. So you’ll always know how to improve or what goals you have to achieve to meet your objective. This improved sleep habits, snore detection, step detection, fitness content, and more.

The Samsung Health app has recently been updated to support a new dynamic icon and, more importantly, a very useful feature that allows you to manage health-related data better and is accessible on third-party apps. This update serves as yet another affirmation from Samsung that it takes the development of the application very seriously.

Samsung Health App New Dynamic Icon

As for dynamic icon support, there is very little to say: now, the Samsung Health icon fits the theme set on your smartphone, both Samsung and other companies, with Android 12 or Android 13 on board.

The Google-developed Health Connect support, which was first made public at the beginning of 2022, is much more intriguing. It enables you to move and manage fitness or health data from other apps.

For instance, you may transfer data from Google Fit into Samsung Health and vice versa using Health Connect.

There are currently only a handful of Android apps compatible with Health Connect, including Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Withings Health Mate, the company’s smart device management app, and the sleep tracking app Sleep as Android.

The Samsung Health app can be downloaded from both the Play Store and the Galaxy Store via the buttons below.

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