Samsung Serving The October 2022 Security Update For Galaxy A53 5G & Galaxy Z Flip 3 In Europe

The month of October 2022 started less than two weeks ago and Samsung, a virtuous model on the front of software support: the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and the top of the range of three generations makes Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Updates for both models are united by the presence of the October 2022 security patches — the South Korean manufacturer prefers the wording Security Maintenance Release (SMR) — for whose detailed analysis we refer you to our recent dedicated article.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is being updated in several European countries. The new firmware version A536BXXS4AVJI includes this month’s mentioned SMR and the changelog also reports generic improvements in device stability and performance.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has started to update in Europe with the roll out of the firmware version F711BXXS3CVIG which is expected to be extended to other countries in the coming days. In addition to security patches, generic improvements in device stability and reliability are reported.

For all Samsung smartphones, the path to manually check the availability of the update is the usual one: “Settings > Software Updates > Download and Install“.

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