Android Auto Stable Version 8.3 Is Being Released Without Coolwalk Feature

The first update has arrived regarding the release of Android Auto 8.3 in a stable version. That version was released with a public beta a few days ago. Such a beta seamlessly passed the testing phase allowing the build in question to be introduced as a stable update of Android Auto as well. Here are all the details related to the new update of Google’s software platform.

Android Auto Stable Version 8.3

However, it should be noted that Android Auto 8.3 does not have a complete changelog, at least not yet. However, the initial reports on the update reveal no big news, which was already clear from the beta study. Therefore, Android Auto 8.3 marks a new development in Google’s software platform optimization initiative, which seeks to provide customers with greater stable operation.

The update, therefore, focuses, most likely, on small but important fixes that aim to eliminate bugs and improve the entire system’s performance. Although there is no visible news, the update represents, in any case, a further piece of the Android Auto growth and improvement program that Google has started in recent months with the arrival of version 8.

It is, therefore, still waiting for the arrival of Coolwalk, the new interface that will have the task of revolutionizing Android Auto, ensuring greater flexibility in application management and new features available to users. The update was expected for the summer, but already with the arrival of version 8.0, released in a stable version in August, it was clear that Coolwalk’s release times would be lengthened.

Android Auto versions 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3, as of right now, have not made any progress toward the introduction of Coolwalk. Whatever the case, there will be a lot of news regarding Android Auto. It is evident that the upgrade program will continue to move quickly and include significant news soon.

Throughout the fall, improvements and new functionality should be available, along with new features for the interface that could signal the impending launch of Coolkwalk. As always, it will be important to keep an eye on the Android Auto beta version because it will foretell future developments. The next few days should see the publication of more information on the situation.

Download Android Auto 8.3 Version:

Android Auto 8.3 is available for download. For users there is the possibility to download the new version directly through the Google Play Store, both for the stable version and for the beta. Alternatively, you can install the APK file available on APKmirror

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