Samsung Electronics Opened a Metaverse-Based Home Decorating Service

The South Korean giant has opened a metaverse-based home designing help for clients who wish to encounter home machines in a virtual house like their real home. Subsequent to evaluating items in the virtual world, customers can quickly get them from a shopping center.

A 3D retail experience business called Bespoke Home Meta actualized many kinds of homes and kitchens. The platform offers five homes, three kitchens, and four interior design themes. Customers can research various looks before making a purchase. The platform uses artificial intelligence to recommend the best colors for refrigerators.

Samsung Electronics developed the framework for Today House, a well-known app for interior design that sells various furniture items and connects clients with installation professionals. As of August 2021, the platform had more than 5.4 million active monthly users.

“We will further expand the bespoke home meta service through various channels so that consumers can experience Samsung home appliances more vividly in a home-like experience environment without restrictions,” Lee Hyun-jeong, a Samsung official in charge of domestic business, said in a statement on October 17.

Many South Korean businesses have adopted Metaverse because it allows for a wide variety of social and cultural activities to be carried out utilizing avatars. For readers who want to visit a virtual version of a real bookshop in central Seoul, the best-known bookstore chain in South Korea, Kyobo Book Center, also offers a metaverse-based bookstore. Using the online store, customers can buy books and music.

The ‘bespoke home meta’ is also available through the dedicated site.

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