Samsung Working On The One UI 5.1 For The New Galaxy S23

Samsung has been testing upgrades that will bring Android 13 and the latest development of the One UI to its devices for a long time before it formally debuted the new One UI 5 a few days ago. However, the Korean giant is already anticipating the near future in the interim. In reality, Samsung is already beginning to shift its attention to the upcoming update that will usher in the debut of the One UI 5.1 as we wait to learn when the rollout of the first stable version of the One UI will commence.

This version will represent an important step for Samsung’s software platform and will be able to count on several exclusive features that the Korean company will not include in the next update (One UI 5.0) that will be released over the next few weeks. The new Galaxy S23 coming out in early 2023, in fact, should be able to count on the One UI 5.1. Here are the latest updates on the issue:

Confirmation of the advanced development of the One UI 5.1 comes from the Netherlands. In the press release in which Samsung presented the One UI 5, in fact, a note appears in which it is highlighted how some functions mentioned will only be available with the One UI 5.1 and not with the previous version, the 5.0, which is expected to make its official debut over the next few weeks.

This note does not appear in the Italian press release. Probably, the indication in the statement for the Dutch market represents a oversight (the note probably had to be deleted during the review also because it refers to functions that already appear in the beta version 5.0). In any case, this is a first confirmation regarding the One UI 5.1 and the already very advanced phase of its development.

To find out the new features of the One UI 5.1, you may need to wait for the release of version 5.0 and the start of a new beta testing program.

One UI 5.1 will arrive with the Galaxy 23

The release of the One UI 5.1 and its unreleased features is scheduled for next year. The update, in fact, will debut with the new Samsung Galaxy S23, the top-of-the-range family coming in the first quarter of 2023. There are still several months left before the update rollout starts. Samsung, therefore, has plenty of time to optimize the software and define precisely which functions to release with version 5.1 and which to include in version 5.0, expected instead for this quarter.

Of course, the One UI 5.1 won’t be exclusive to the Galaxy S23. The new version of the Samsung home user interface will arrive both on the new smartphones coming out in 2023 and, as updated, on all Galaxy smartphones that will receive the One UI 5.0 and Android 13 over the next few months. Later, moreover, further evolutions of the One UI 5 just unveiled by the Korean house could also come. We are undoubtedly going to know more about this in the coming weeks.

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