Sad News For Samsung Lover: Nothing New For Charging & Camera The Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung will officially present the Galaxy S23 series with the rise of 2023 and the device protagonists of some interesting advances in the last few hours.

A famous tipster, Ice Universe, says there will be nothing new regarding the charging speed supported by Samsung Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

In truth, the manufacturer would have chosen to propose the 45W maximum charging speed for both models in addition to those from the previous generation. The information provided by Ice Universe relates to wired charging, although Samsung’s upcoming smartphones will likely still support the 15W speed for wireless charging.

In essence, Samsung appears to be unwilling to make revolutionary changes from this perspective, despite the fact that competition is pushing the charging speed bar higher and higher, reaching ever-higher peaks.

The tipster also suggest the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra only offers 200MP and 12.5MP, not 50MP mode, means it will not offer the ability to shoot 50MP pictures, unlike the competition.

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