Samsung Wireless Charger Hub Visited On Bluetooth SIG Certification

Samsung Electronics is reported to launch its wireless charging hub soon, which is expected for its upcoming mobile series ‘Galaxy S23’. As per the reports, this series may be rollout in the rise of 2023. The wireless charging hub is assumed to be a successor of the Trio pad wireless charger that was earlier introduced in the year 2020.

Recently, the charging hub is spotted in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group of certification website with model no. EP-P9500. It can wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously, as its name suggests. The certification didn’t reveal much regarding the charging hub so let’s take a look at the information we get.

Photo Courtesy – My Smart Price

The website mentions its hardware and software version numbers which are REV0.1 and P9500.001, respectively. It is assumed that the hub might support 15W wireless charging, which is 67% more than Samsung’s Trio Pad Wireless Charger. It is also possible that the charging hub may be seen or spotted on other certification websites as well.

As we know, the currently available wireless charger can support 9W charging and can charge 3 devices simultaneously, so we can expect more from the upcoming. We are expecting up to 3 or more devices to charge at once from it. Except for these, it may get a similar design language as the Trio pad wireless charge has.

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