Samsung May Use Its 200 MP Camera Sensor For The First Time With The Galaxy S23 Ultra Device

Samsung is about to use its 200 MP camera sensors for the first time in its device. It will reportedly use in Galaxy S23 Ultra next year. However, the sensor is already available in other manufacturers’ devices. This 200 MP camera sensor can capture a better quality of images than the 108 MP camera sensor can do.

As per the tipster Ice Universe leak, the Galaxy S23 Ultra having a 200 MP camera sensor, will be able to click sharper pictures than the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra devices that have a 108 MP camera sensor. The no. of megapixels is nearly double in the 200 MP sensor, so it’s usual to have better picture quality than the 108 MP one.

It is also reported that the Galaxy S23 device may get a new 50 MP photo mode that currently isn’t available in either Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy S22 Ultra devices. Now the question that appears here is how it will work in low-light conditions. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get the answer presently. So for this, we need to wait till the official launch of the Galaxy S23 Ultra device.

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