Samsung Galaxy A50 Enjoys October 2022 Security Update

After waiting for a long time, Samsung finally released its latest security update for Galaxy A50 smartphones. The Korean smartphone giant regularly comes with new updates for its flagship devices and mid-range phones, which is worth appreciating.

Right now, the October month security patch is available in some countries like India, Europe, and the US. For these countries, it can be recognised by its different build numbers for India (A505FDDS9CVJI), the US (A505USQSKDVJ1) and Europe (A505FNXXS9CVJ2). 

If we talk about Europe specifically, the update available for Galaxy A50 in Spain, the UK, Cyprus, Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Croatia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia and Greece. More countries should join the list soon. 

In October 2022 security patch Samsung worked to enhance system security. In addition to these, the update includes 32 fixes regarding Android OS and addresses 18 vulnerabilities in Samsung’s software.

How to install

Users who are using Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphones in India, Europe, and the US can follow these steps to update their phone

  • First go to system settings,then
  • Click on Software update menu 
  • Then click on the Download and Install button, it will start downloading and install automatically. 

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